Acute Pain

Most people who suffer from acute pain have suffered from some type of physical trauma, such as, a slip and fall, twist or contortion, auto-accident, post surgery trauma, a strain or sprain, a bone fracture, , slept in the wrong position, or some unusual accident. Acute pain can also be caused from an internal organ disease, such as, a urinary tract infection, which can show up as severe back pain. It is important that we rule out these types of conditions.

Acute pain is the body's normal response to damage such as a cut, an infection, or other physical injuries. This type of pain usually comes on fast and often goes away in no more than a few weeks or months if treated properly. Acute pain can become chronic when the cause is difficult to treat.

Here is some general information about treating acute pain: Individual results always vary.

  • Muscle Injury (Strain) and/or Tendon Injury (Sprain)
    • Muscle injuries respond very well and rapid to treatment - usually a few treatments reduce the pain drastically. (Average: 1 to 2 weeks to heal)
    • Tendon injuries respond very well to treatment, but take longer to heal due to the nature of their tissue. Although pain relief can often be achieved within 1 or 2 treatments. Further treatments to aid and speed up the healing process are recommended (Average: 4-8 weeks to heal)
  • Whiplash - Auto Accidents - Bone Fractures
    • The prognosis for these type of injuries absolutely depends upon the severity of the injury . Here are some general guidelines
      • Whiplash - for many people acupuncture treatment for 4-6 weeks eliminates their symptoms and they return to their normal health. But 15% - 40% of people who experience whiplash, the condition can become chronic and debilitating. Acupuncture is amazing effective for this group of people. I have seen amazing results, and believe one day that acupuncture will become the first choice of all treatment protocols.
      • Auto-Accidents - This category is subject to so many variables that we must examine the individual and learn of their particular injuries.
      • Bone Fractures - Of course after receiving treatment from you medical doctor, we use acupuncture and chinese herbs to reduce pain and to aid in the healing process. Acupuncture is very effective for this condition
  • Slips and Falls - Kinks and Knots - Strains and Twists - Strains and Pains
    • Kinks and Knots - Stains and Twists - Everyone has experiences these types of injuries, many times unaware of the cause, such as waking up with a crick in the neck or a twist that pull one's back out of place. These type of injuries respond very well to acupuncture. Often one or two treatments can resolve the problem and reduce or eliminate the pain. Although, for some people, these injuries may only reflect an underlying health problem, which needs to be treated concurrently.


Chronic Pain

Unless you suffer from chronic pain, it is almost impossible to relate to the complications it has upon an individual. Chronic pain affects every aspect of their life, from physical activities, to relationships, to careers, to finances, to mental, emotional health, and spiritual health.

Chronic pain, according to the VHA, "generally refers to intractable pain that exists for three or more months and does not resolve in response to treatment." It is viewed more as its own disease rather than as a symptom of another health problem. It can be affected by physical (sitting or standing), environmental (weather changes), and psychological (such as stress) factors. Chronic pain is often managed, but not cured.

Chronic pain changes the internal environment of the body, particularly in the location(s) and area of the pain. It is pain that has set deeply into the body. It has changed or affected the local tissue, the blood and nutrient supply, the nerve receptors and nervous system, and of course the brain and its neuroreceptor pathways. Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for acute and chronic pain.